Jeep Salvage Cars

We list auctions for a wide range of Jeep salvage cars and damaged repairable cars for sale all over the UK.

Grand Cherokee 4 Litre Gas Converted Spares or repairs

Time Remaining: 1d 15h 43m


Jeep Cherokee Limited CRD 28L Diesel Spares or Repair

Time Remaining: 2d 13h 38m


JEEP Grand Cherokee 40 SPARES REPAIR 4x4 Off Roader

Time Remaining: 3d 6h 38m


1999 T Jeep Cherokee 25 petrol Sport spares or repair needs alternator

Time Remaining: 5d 19h 9m


Jeep Patriot diesel spares or repair

Time Remaining: 6d 18h 53m


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